The species at risk recovery process is essential for populations to be able to increase in number and reach viable size. Since 2005, Dendroica Environnement et Faune offers services to a wide variety of customers in the acquisition of ecological knowledge, status assessment, restoration and protection of critical habitat for many species at risk on public and private lands to facilitate their recovery. Dendroica staff can wisely advise in the development of mitigation strategies for species at risk in various industrial development projects.

In the field of species at risk conservation, Dendroica Environnement et Faune offers the following services:

  • Status assessment report (provincial and federal)
  • Habitat stewardship program on private land
  • Habitat management plan for Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark (Ontario)
  • Barn Swallow mitigation and restoration record (Ontario)
  • Breeding bird and species at risk surveys and monitoring
  • Production of recovery, action and management plans
  • Habitat modeling
  • Conservation plans
  • Surveys, monitorings and management plans for the Western chorus frog
  • Critical habitat assessments
  • Peregrine falcon conservation plans for industrial quarries
  • Habitat restoration and recovery activities for American Ginseng, Red-headed Woodpecker, Peregrine Falcon and Golden-winged Warbler
  • Species at risk surveys and monitoring on government lands
  • Telemetry monitorings on birds
  • Creation and maintenance of ecological database
  • Formation and education on species at risk conservation
  • Surveys, monitoring and control of invasive plants

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