Since 2010, Dendroica Environnement et Faune has helped private landowners and engineering companies of the Outaouais region to follow municipal  environmental regulations.

Here are some recent examples of projects conducted in the field of wetland management.


  • Baseline forest breeding birds, western chorus frog, terrestrial plant and fish habitat survey and assessment during the environmental impact study of the replacement of a foot bridge across the Old Chelsea creek in Gatineau park. Que.

For the National Capitale Commission

  • Breeding bird survey for the proposed shoreline restauration project at Meech lake in Gatineau park, Que.

For Groupe DDM

  • Wetland, high water mark, 15 m riparian buffer strip characterization and rare plants survey for several proposed residential and restoration projects in Outaouais, Que.

For Jacques Alary, Nelson Viera, Éric Pelletier, Philippe Rousseau, Pierre Schnobb, Groupe DDM et Commission de la capitale nationale du Canada and

SEC Consultants

  • Beaver dam management at Tamagor marsh, Val-des-Monts, Que.

For the Tamagor association


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