Since 2008, Dendroica Environnement et Faune’s team has worked closely with Ottawa/Gatineau region’s landowners and engineering/construction companies to help them complying with environmental regulations.

Here are some recent examples of projects conducted in the field of residential development.


  • Summer and fall plant survey for a proposed lot division project in Chelsea, Que.

For Jim Galloway

  • Western chorus frog baseline survey on 3 proposed residential land in Outaouais, Que.

In collaboration with COOP Solution Nature

  • Environmental assessment (wetland and riparian strip assessment, rare plant survey) for a proposed residential development projects in Val-des-Monts, Que.

For SEC Consultants and Jacques Alary

  • Plant and species at risk survey for an water/sewage connection authorization certificat in Wakefield, Que.

For Hugues Lachance

  • Plant and species at risk survey for a proposed residential development in Aylmer, Que,

For Hugues Lachance



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